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An asset pack for a match-3 game in the very cute kawaii style with  12 facial expressions: smiling, laughing, blinking smile, blinking laugh, angry, bored, annoyed, amazed, shocked, yelling, winking and ill/dead/hurt/something-like-that.

The following arrangements can be used to express emotion:

If the player attempts to make a wrong matching, both cupcakes can have the annoyed expression.

When a matching is successful, the shocked face.

If some sort of combo is made or a special cupcake is used, they could show the amazed face.

If the player takes too long to make a move, all cupcakes on the board could have the bored expression.

The only limit is your imagination.

  • 6 types of frosting with 6 colors creates 36 'unique' cupcakes. Plus their horizontal and vertical striped versions. Also a chocolate cupcake with 2 liners and a red velvet cupcake with 2 liners too.
  • A "vanishing" animation in 17 colors (12 light and dark from the main cups; 4 light and dark for chocolate and red velvet; and 1 white) in 2 rotations.
  • A HUD with 2 parts: Top part mimics a frosting and it has 2 variants; Bottom part mimics a liner and it has 2 variants.
  • The HUD components are available in 6 colors: blue, pink, purple, orange, yellow and green.
  • A level map with 2 variants that wraps on the vertical axis. This way you can have unlimited levels.
  • 34 UI buttons plus 2 empty buttons (in normal and 'pressed' color style).
  • A cupcake-shaped window and a square window.
  • A few UI components like a golden coin, golden bar, diamond, heart and stars (with empty and filled versions). Only the bar, coin and diamond have shining animations.


  • 5 fruits for dropping (like the coconut and cherry from Candy Crush) that have kawaii faces too. The fruits are: cherry, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and grape (purple and red).

  • A few board elements like a gift box (transparent), a pan lid (transparent), block of ice/glass (transparent), wafer (opaque), chocolate (opaque) and jelly (opaque). 

  • 6 boosters: pastry bag, spatula, whisk, rolling pin, tongs and pastry cutter. They have a version without the border so you can use movement to animate them on the board.

  • 1 "ingame" background in 6 colors that wraps in both vertical and horizontal axis.
  • Everything is delivered in both PNG files and SVG files, so you can resize them without losing quality.

  • You can use this asset in basically anything you could possibly want. (Games, websites, softwares, mobile apps, etc)
  • You can sell or monetize the work you create using this asset.
  • You can edit this asset to your liking.
  • You CANNOT claim this asset or any editing as your own.
  • You CANNOT share or redistribute this asset per se.
  • You CANNOT use this asset if you haven't bought a copy.

Note: You can find the full license text in the asset folder.

  • TEXT FONT NOT INCLUDED! But the one I used in the screenshots was "Alfa Slab One" and you can download it for free here
  • I advise you to use particles to create the horizontal, vertical and diagonal line effects. This pack DOES NOT contain those effects.
  • Sound effects NOT included!
  • The whole design was created with mobile in mind (vertical screen).
  • Any questions, just leave a comment. (:

As of 2019-05-15, I've added the proper boosters spritesheet, including the pastry bag animation. As you can see below, there's a suggestion of use, but you're free to use in any way you want to, obviously. (:

(Forgive my hideous finger. :'D)

Here are the other boosters animations. Note that I didn't do a GIF of the whisk because you can simply move it around the board to mimic a shuffling effect.

I've also added the winking face to all cupcakes and to the fruits as well.

Regarding the board elements, I've added a gift box (opaque) with unfolding animation; a glass/ice (transparent) with breaking animation; vanishing animations to the existing jelly, wafer and chocolate.

Finally, I've added the number count white bubble to the boosters icons. (:


Note: The SVG file can be opened using Inkscape. Why spend money with a suite subscription to just recolor or resize a file? Inkscape is free! Rejoice!

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